Malaysian iPhone 5 plans comparison: Maxis vs Digi vs Celcom

121212-digi-iphone-5-launch-detailsThe Plans for iPhone 5 are all out from the big three: Maxis, Digi and Celcom. But how does the plans do compared to each other? Which is the plan that suits you most or give you the best value for money? Which is the cheapest among all? So you are all confused now on which plan should you go for and you are so undecided. Well, this will definitely help you in making that decision. Here is how the iPhone plans from Maxis, Digi and Celcom compared:

Maxis vs Digi vs Celcom!

ScreenShot2[Click on image to enlarge]

From the comparison above, we can see that Digi has the cheapest total cost of ownership compared to the rest. But if you consider the bundled calls, SMS and MMS from Digi’s plan, they are not as good as Maxis. For me, I think that Maxis provide the most value for money plans for iPhone 5 compared to Digi and Celcom. Except for the iValue Simple. In my opinion, it is not as good as it looks. It is cheap, and that’s all. I would prefer iDigi 88 than iValue Simple.

And the best part is, Maxis no longer charges for data when the data quota is exceeded. Only the speed will be throttled. But even a throttled data speed for Maxis is considered fast because the speed is reduced by 3 fold, unlike Digi or Celcom which the data will be throttler to a sad 256kbps. But note that the free SMS that comes with Maxis plans are Maxis to Maxis only. SMS to other operators will be charged.

For Celcom, a combination of calls, SMS and MMS of up to 1500 will be given. That will make it more flexible for people instead of having a fix number of minutes and SMS. And Celcom plans also comes with a huge amount of Data. So if you are someone who seldom call and SMS but uses data alot, Celcom might be the best for you.

In conclusion:


Good: Best value for money (excluding iValue Simple). Good coverage. Excellent internet speed. Get free 1000 minutes calls for Maxis to Maxis in your contract period.
Bad: More pricey compared to the others. Concern on bill shock. iValue Simple sucks.


Good: Cheapest plans for iPhone 5. Low monthly commitment compared to the others.

Bad: Only 24 months contract. Not as powerful coverage. Slow internet speed. iPhone 5 price only subsidized a little.


Good: Flexible calls/SMS/MMS plan. Huge amount of data. Good coverage and average internet speed.

Bad: Too little calls/SMS bundled. Most expensive when value for money is concerned.

With this, I hope you can decide better on which plan to go for when you plan to get you iPhone 5. Well maybe you have already decided, but this can make things a little bit clearer to you. So basically if you want a cheaper plan, go for Digi, if you want something with the best value for money, Maxis is the best, if you are looking for flexibility and huge amount of data, there is none other than Celcom.

Enjoy your iPhone 5 people! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. And please share this with your friends and family!

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Digi iPhone 5 plans revealed, priced from RM2012


Shortly after Maxis revealed their iPhone 5 plans, Digi have also revealed theirs and similarly, its not much difference from the iPhone 4S plans when 4S is first introduced. Which is in a way good. With Digi iPhone plans, we have iDigi 88, iDigi 138 and iDigi 238 which requires monthly commitment of RM60, RM93 and RM161 respectively. The monthly commitment is cheaper than Maxis but for all the iDigi plans, the iPhone 5 price starts at RM2012. But overall, the total ownership cost will be slightly cheaper for Digi. We will have a comparison chart out soon after Celcom release their plans for iPhone 5.

This is how the iDigi plans look like.

iDigi 88


iDigi 138


iDigi 238


Click on the image for a clearer view!

Click here for more information about the plans! You can also buy online now and collect your iPhone on the 14th Dec 2012.

Maxis reveal iPhone 5 plans, Celcom open for pre-order!

ScreenShot005[Click image for larger view]

Maxis has revealed the plans for iPhone 5 and it looks almost similar to the iPhone 4S plan when the 4S first came out. The RRP of the device remained unchanged as ever pricing from RM2199 for 16GB model. Here is how the pricing goes:

iPhone 5 16GB – RM2,199
iPhone 5 32GB – RM2,499
iPhone 5 64GB – RM2,799
iPhone 4S 16GB – RM1,799
iPhone 4 8GB – RM1,449

For the bundled plans, Maxis is offering plans as low as RM100 per month and giving almost similar talk time, SMSes and Data. For more information, click on the image above. If you plan to get in contract with Maxis, you will be entitled to get the iPhone 5 for a cheaper price as such:

iPhone 5 16GB
iValue 1 (12 months) – RM1,699
iValue 1 (24 months) – RM1,399
iValue 2 (12 months) – RM1,599
iValue 2 (24 months) – RM1,149
iValue 3 (12 months) – RM1,199
iValue 3 (24 months) – RM449
iValue 4 (12 months) – RM1,099
iValue 4 (24 months) – FREE

iPhone 5 32GB
iValue 1 (12 months) – RM2,049
iValue 1 (24 months) – RM1,699
iValue 2 (12 months) – RM1,899
iValue 2 (24 months) – RM1,499
iValue 3 (12 months) – RM1,549
iValue 3 (24 months) – RM749
iValue 4 (12 months) – RM1,399
iValue 4 (24 months) – RM299

iPhone 5 64GB
iValue 1 (12 months) – RM2,349
iValue 1 (24 months) – RM2,049
iValue 2 (12 months) – RM2,249
iValue 2 (24 months) – RM1,799
iValue 3 (12 months) – RM1,849
iValue 3 (24 months) – RM1,649
iValue 4 (12 months) – RM699
iValue 4 (24 months) – RM299

Click here to get to Maxis iPhone page!

In the other hand, Celcom is NOW allowing pre-ordering of iPhone 5 but strangely, no plans have been reveal yet from the blue side. Here is how the page for pre-ordering looks like.


If you are interested, click here to head there!

Samsung Galaxy S3, which telco to choose?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now in 3 major telco in Malaysia and many people waiting for this device still considering which telco to go with to get the best deal out there and worth every buck you are paying. The Galaxy S3 is an amazing phone to start off with and regardless of which plan you are with, it will still be awesome. The only complaint I get from most people is that the design of this phone is a little let down which looks really back dated. If the design were better, this could be a killer phone. For now, read on to find out the best plan for you from the 3 big telco from Malaysia.

Before we start, the recommended retail price for Samsung Galaxy S3 is RM2199 for the 16GB version but you can buy it outright at as low as RM2149 or lower depending on your bargaining skills.

Lets start off with Maxis. [Click image for larger view]



If you want to know more about the plans, click on the link above to get more information. As what we can conclude from all these plans, in the money wise, Maxis is the most worth it because it has bundled calls and SMS with the plans where Digi does not. Celcom also have bundled calls and SMS but the plans are a tiny bit pricier. There are also many other things to consider apart from the money you are paying such as the strength of signals, customer services and other stuffs. So please choose wisely in this. But you can always get the phone outright if you do not like contracts. It will cost you only RM2199 and prepaid is good to go! =)

Please drop us any possible questions you have and we will get to you asap. Thanks.

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New DG Postpaid Plus plan introduced by Digi. A response to Maxis Value Plus Internet Plans.

Digi introduces a new plan called the DG Postpaid Plus plan which is a bundled plan with voice, sms, mms and also data. It is very much like what the Maxis Value Plus internet plan is. U can choose either the DG48, DG68 or DG88 with different amount of voice, sms, mms and data bundled in each plan.

The picture above shows a comparison between the new plan with the SmartPlan and iDigi plans. Click on it for a larger view.

It is a very convenient plan with all the things you will need bundled into one single plan. But note that the DG48 does not include Data in it. That is sad. But I personally think that the data included in the plans were not really enough for normal smartphone usage. But you can try as the plans seems very worth with what it offers. What do you think?

Click here for more info regarding the plans!

Free iPhone 4S 32GB with 24 months contract on iValue 4 from Maxis

Maxis is offering the iPhone 4S 32GB(RRP: RM2590) for free if you sign up for the iValue 4 plans for 2 years (previously priced RM350). They are extending the promotion until 29th February 2012 for folks to enjoy this offer throughout the Chinese New Year celebration.

If you are planning to get the 32GB version of iPhone 4S, now you can save additional RM350 but you will be tied to a 2 year contract of RM375 monthly bundled with 2500 minutes of talktime, 7GB of data, 800 SMSs and 80 MMSs. If you are a heavy user, I think this is worth it. But if you are a regular user, RM375 a month is a huge amount to pay!

Still not sure which iPhone 4S plans suits you best? Click here for the plans comparison from Maxis, Digi and Celcom.

Check out Maxis iPhone 4S page for more information!

Maxis and Digi both trying to sell their iPhone 4s

Everyone knows that the iPhone 5 will be coming soon…real soon!unless something went wrong somewhere which I also doubt it will delay the iPhone 5. Except maybe if Steve Jobs is dead or something. Touch wood, I hope Steve will live as long as possible. Cant imagine Apple without Steve.

So back to the topic, while the iPhone 5 is coming soon, Telcos wants to sell out the iPhone 4s by making better deals for us. Some people who plans to wait for the iPhone 5 can actually be tempted by these deals by telcos on iPhone 4.

Digi comes out with deal where iDigi subscribers got to buy another iPhone 4 without contract. Here is the Facebook post. Go have a look!

In another hand, Maxis take a different approach where they offer a cheaper iValue plan called the iValue Lite. It is just RM70 a month compared to the cheapest iValue plan of RM100 before this. But in my opinion, looking at the data, calls and sms bundled in the iValue Lite plan, it is not so worth it. You be the judge! Click here for more info!