10 things you should expect/know about iPhone 5

If you are reading this and you still don’t know anything about the iPhone 5, we are not sure which hole are you from. Rumors and news about iPhone 5 are all over the internet and everyone is talking about it. Most people might already know or guessed how the next iPhone might look like exactly but this is a list of the 10 things you should know/expect about the iPhone 5.

1. It will be unveiled on the 12th of September 2012 (that is around 1am local time on 13th September 2012). And you can follow the the live blog from engadget.com for the most updated news during the event. Or you can also visit littlegeeko for everything about the event.

2. It will probably be called the iPhone 5. Frankly, we do not expect it to be called the iPhone 5. We expect it to be called simply the new iPhone like what Apple did with the new iPad. But from the invitation Apple sent out with a huge “12” with the shadow of the 12 being a number “5”. This will definitely point to the next iPhone being named as the iPhone 5.

3. Like it or not, it is going to have the home button. Home button is a must for iDevices. It is like the thing that define an iProduct. And it is really not bad. So why not just have it there. Some videos and article says that the home button will have fingerprint scanner but we doubt that will be the real case. So expect an ordinary home button that millions of people love.

4. It is going look different with larger screen. Everyone know that the next iPhone will be a redesign and many predictions or leaks are all over the internet and the one design that are the most convincing at the moment is the elongated screen iPhone design. We are more convinced about this design when the latest Apple banner for the 12th September event does have a hidden hint. At first, most people thought that the colorful banner hints that the iPhone might come in many different colors for the first time. After thorough investigation, people starts to realize that the splash of colors are actually the colors of all the iOS’s icons stretched, hinting that the next iPhone will have a stretched or elongated screen. We really hope this is true and but we are kinda sure that the iPhone will surely have a larger screen.

5. It will come with smaller dock connector and uses nano-SIM.

6. It will be faster! Packing with at least an A5X chip (like the one in the new iPad) or maybe hopefully the A6 chip. We hope it will be the A6 but we sort of like doubt Apple will put the A6 into the iPhone 5 because that is usually not the way Apple do things.

7. It will ship with iOS6 pre installed. YAY! Cant wait for iOS6.

8. It will have 4G connectivity and some sort of mobile payment solutions like NFC.

9. It will have an improved camera. HOPEFULLY!

10. It will have an improved battery. But do not expect a huge improvement. But I am sure everyone will be happy even with a small improvement on the battery life.

These are the 10 things you should expect/know about the iPhone 5. People have high expectation of the iPhone 5, especially when the iPhone 4S does not have a huge improvement over the iPhone 4 so people expect the iPhone 5 to be awesome. Let’s hope it does not disappoint!

Stay tuned for more about the iPhone 5 and the updates of the iPhone 5 event.

We also expect new iPod touches and iMacs to be unveiled on the same event. But the iPad mini will be announced sometime in October 2012.

Tell us what do you think in the comment below.


Its the iPhone4S….no iPhone5…yet…

People out there!!! The iPhone event by Apple just announced an iPhone4S! It looks exactly like the iPhone4. Its really disappointing for all the people who waited for the iPhone 5 all these while. Abit disappointing for me also when the announcement is an iPhone4S….but the disappointment slowly fade off as the spec and features of the iPhone4S was announced! Its really impressive i would say.

Siri Assistant answering a question.

It has most of the predicted rumors such as world phone, 8MP camera, A5 processor but the best feature of the iPhone4S is the Siri Assistant feature. Its really impressive. Check out this liveblog of the event to know more about this great feature!

I am so expecting a “one more thing” to be the iPhone5 but I am left disappointed! But I am kinda happy with the iPhone4S but i also think the 5 will be announced very soon. Maybe as early as the beginning of next year!

So what you guys think? will you get the iPhone4S?

China flooded with teardrop shaped iPhone covers! [with Video]

All of a sudden, China is now flooded with the iPhone 5 covers which have the teardrop design. A report by M.I.C Gadget says “an iPhone 5 prototype had gone missing from the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen Futian district. This should explain why we are seeing a whole lot of iPhone 5 cases in China today”.

With the iPhone announcement confirmed by Apple, it is very normal to see so many iPhone case makers making covers for the upcoming iPhone.

Here is a short video on these case! They look awesome!

So the iPhone will have a different design which is much larger but alot thinner. Or all of this might just mean nothing when the iPhone is announced nextweek.

Leave a comment on what you think, will the next iPhone look a lot different from the current iPhone 4? I just hope iPhone will produce another revolutionary phone in the increasingly competitive smartphone market!

October 4th 2011 – The day iPhone 5 announced?

Sources says that Apple will be announcing the mighty iPhone 5 or whatever they will call it very very soon. Its October 4th to be precise.

Just cant wait to see how the iPhone 5 will really look like and what major leap Apple will take again as usual.

You can read more on this here!

4th of October!! *fingers crossed* Secretly I hope that it will look something like the picture above!

Picture above via [Link]

Stolen iPhone 5! [Video]

Sorry for not posting anything new lately. I am very busy due to many many things. But I promise this blog will be updated more regularly!

To show my sincere apology, here is a video about Apple lost a iPhone 5 prototype and how badly they want it back. I think you will like it!

Here it is!

This video from Conan on TBS.

Stay tune for more updates on iPhone 5 and other tech news!~

Steve Jobs resigns but everything will stay the same!

Steve Jobs resignation is like the biggest, saddest news for all the Apple fans out there. Some can even worship him as their GOD!=.= (not me). But will it change anything? Of course Apple will not be as “Appleish” as before without Jobs. We can’t deny that. But lets give Tim Cook sometime. Maybe he is better than Steve Jobs and now is his chance to show the world.
I do not see much changes happening apart from fans being really sad. Really really sad. Here is why:

1. Everyone who waited for the iPhone5 and wanting to get it does not change their mind after Jobs’ resignation.

2. Apple is still the most valuable company topping Exxon Mobil. (It drops after Jobs resignation but climb back up passed Exxon in just 2 days)

3. Don’t worry, Jobs is always watching behind Cook’s shoulder to make sure everything run smooth.

4. A person like Steve Jobs does not resign if he does not think that the company can manage without him.

Hope the iPhone5 will still be iPhone5!

New iPhone will have an elongated home button

Sources says that Apple will be launching the next generation iPhone or the “iPhone5” on the 7th of October. Apple has been weighing between launching the new iPhone on October 7th or October 14th, but with the product’s latest stages of pre-mass-production currently moving along nicely, Apple is presently shooting towards a launch on the 7th.

And a photo of iPhone5 manufacturing process from the production factory was found which indicates that the iPhone5 will have an elongated home button. And the exterior design is different from how the iPhone4 look like. Contradicting with some predictions which predicts the iPhone5 will have the same exterior design as the iPhone4.

I think the screen is also bigger as observed from the photo.

Come on Apple, release the beast already!