Buy iPhone 5 without contract from Apple Malaysia online store, SenHeng or SenQ


For those who wanted to buy the iPhone 5 and dont want to get it tied up with contract from Maxis, Digi or Celcom but instead prefers to get it outright, well Apple Malaysia online store is now selling iPhone 5. Same goes to SenHeng and SenQ nationwide. But stocks appears to be limited in SenHeng and SenQ now.

But if you buy from Apple Malaysia online store now, it will ship in 2-4 business days. Which is great. If you buy today, you will get it in under a week.

The retail price for iPhone 5 goes like this:

iPhone 5 16GB – RM2,199
iPhone 5 32GB – RM2,499
iPhone 5 64GB – RM2,799

I personally own the black model but the white model does look great also. And the white is less prone to scratches apparently. But my black model is fine so far. The choice is yours!

To get the iPhone 5 from Apple Malaysia online store, click here!

If you prefer getting the phone cheaper with a contract, click here to see the comparison between all iPhone 5 plans from Malaysian telco.

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China iPhone 4S launch sees Hundreds of people

The iPhone 4S is finally launched in China. Although it is so long after the launch of the iPhone 4S in the US, the China’s launch still get a tremendous response with hundreds of people turning up and queuing up before the launch at 5 Apple Stores hoping to be the first in China to get their hands on the latest Apple smartphone.

We do not expect this when the iPhone 4S is already out for sometime now but the Chinese is always a big fan of Apple products! And with the size of the population, hundreds is not a big percentage. =)

*and we hope that Siri will be available in Mandarin or other Chinese dialects soon!


Apple Store One-day event pricing out!

The Apple Online store one-day event’s pricing is out! (6th January 2012). Price are slashed for the iPad 2, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and many more including accessories. But no price slash for iPhone 4S, highly expected but still sad.

Pricing summary:

  • iPad 2 – from RM1378 (Save RM121)iPod Touch – from RM628 (Save RM71)
  • iPod Nano – from RM414 (Save RM35)
  • MacBook Air – from RM2788 (Save RM311)
  • MacBook Pro – from RM3388 (Save RM311)
  • iMac – from RM3488 (Save RM311)
  • Magic Trackpad – RM184 (Save RM35)
  • Apple Magic Mouse – RM194 (Save RM35)
  • Time Capsule 2TB – RM928 (Save RM71)
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard – RM194 (Save RM35)
  • AirPort Express Base Station (802.11n) – RM294 (Save RM35)
  • iPad 2 Smart Cover Leather (RED) – RM254 (Save RM45)
  • Microsoft Office Home & Student 2011 – RM590 (Save RM64)
  • AirPort Extreme base station – RM528 (Save RM71)

Head over to the Apple Store Malaysia now!

*this is a one day sale so hurry!!!*

Windows Phone Marketplace 50,000 app-submission milestone reached

The Windows Phone Marketplace reaches the 50,000 apps mark very soon after it hits the 40,000 mark. Just more than a month ago (17th Nov, 2011), Windows Phone Marketplace hits the 40,000 mark and in a very short amount of time, All About Windows Phone reported that it hits the 50,ooo milestone. This milestone was reached sooner than it is expected with an incredible average of 265 submission per day for the recent months as below:

This figure is just negligible to all the Androids and iOS fans out there but with this kind of rate, WP7 is on the right track. But it is still a long track to catch up with Apple Appstore and Android Market having around 500,000 and 300,000 apps respectively. But bear in mind that the Android Market takes 19 months to reach the 50,000 mark which Windows Phone Marketplace only take 14 months to reach (iOS takes only 12 months to reach that mark). Check the chart below:

The Windows Phone Marketplace also have a fair share of paid and unpaid applications with 58% free apps. More apps will be coming to the WP7 platform and expect it to close up the gap with the two app store giant very quickly and leaving behind the Blackberry App World.

Will the Windows Phone Marketplace stand a chance in taking over Android Market or Apple App Store?


iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS available contract free for the first time in Malaysia

Previously, if you want to own a iPhone in Malaysia, you will have to be tied on contract to Maxis, Digi or Celcom. Or you can get it contract free from unofficial sources which is usually very expensive(iPhone4 costs around RM2800-3200 contract free, ridiculous!).

But that has changed, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS is available on Apple Malaysia website to be purchased. Contract free. And kinda affordable. The iPhone 4(8GB) will be available in Black and White for RM1799(free shipping) and the iPhone 3GS(8GB) will be RM1199 available only in Black. Excited? Click on this link to bring you right to the site which you can place BUY NOW! Personally, I think the iPhone 3GS is well worth the price. It is still a very decent smartphone I would say.

For those who are more keen on the iPhone 4S, we will have to wait lasted until the end of the year to find out if the iPhone 4S will be available contract free also.

Apple Store Challenge!!!

Ok, Apple Stores are well known for the things you are allowed to do in it which you are not allowed to do in other stores. Like bringing pets in, eating, etc etc….

But this guy over here named Mark Malkoff takes this to the extreme! Watch the video to see what he did in Apple Store. Even Darth Vader is in the video!!I think it is a good one!hahaha…Enjoy!

Go google or search in YouTube for more videos on what people do in Apple Stores. You might be surprise with what you found.

If it is you, what will you do in Apple Store?? Leave you idea in the comments!