New DG Postpaid Plus plan introduced by Digi. A response to Maxis Value Plus Internet Plans.

Digi introduces a new plan called the DG Postpaid Plus plan which is a bundled plan with voice, sms, mms and also data. It is very much like what the Maxis Value Plus internet plan is. U can choose either the DG48, DG68 or DG88 with different amount of voice, sms, mms and data bundled in each plan.

The picture above shows a comparison between the new plan with the SmartPlan and iDigi plans. Click on it for a larger view.

It is a very convenient plan with all the things you will need bundled into one single plan. But note that the DG48 does not include Data in it. That is sad. But I personally think that the data included in the plans were not really enough for normal smartphone usage. But you can try as the plans seems very worth with what it offers. What do you think?

Click here for more info regarding the plans!


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