Samsung Galaxy S3, which telco to choose?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now in 3 major telco in Malaysia and many people waiting for this device still considering which telco to go with to get the best deal out there and worth every buck you are paying. The Galaxy S3 is an amazing phone to start off with and regardless of which plan you are with, it will still be awesome. The only complaint I get from most people is that the design of this phone is a little let down which looks really back dated. If the design were better, this could be a killer phone. For now, read on to find out the best plan for you from the 3 big telco from Malaysia.

Before we start, the recommended retail price for Samsung Galaxy S3 is RM2199 for the 16GB version but you can buy it outright at as low as RM2149 or lower depending on your bargaining skills.

Lets start off with Maxis. [Click image for larger view]



If you want to know more about the plans, click on the link above to get more information. As what we can conclude from all these plans, in the money wise, Maxis is the most worth it because it has bundled calls and SMS with the plans where Digi does not. Celcom also have bundled calls and SMS but the plans are a tiny bit pricier. There are also many other things to consider apart from the money you are paying such as the strength of signals, customer services and other stuffs. So please choose wisely in this. But you can always get the phone outright if you do not like contracts. It will cost you only RM2199 and prepaid is good to go! =)

Please drop us any possible questions you have and we will get to you asap. Thanks.

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