Introducing the new Windows powered Samsung ATIV line up

Samsung release a video on their new ATIV lineup that run Windows. The line up consist of ATIV S smart phone, ATIV Tab running on Windows RT and ATIV Smart PC hybrid computer that comes with a detachable keyboard dock. The video shows how the devices can be connected seamlessly and how easy you can get your work done anywhere. Check the video out!


Nokia Lumia 610 for an incredible RM699

The Nokia Lumia 610, a very capable smartphone running Windows Phone OS. Always being shadowed by it’s more powerful sibling, the Nokia Lumia 710, the Lumia 610 does not lack in any case. We think that Lumia 610 is a very good smartphone given the cheap pricetag. And what is more amazing is the fact that the device is just priced at RM699 now. That is an awesome price for a device like this.

It is true that Windows Phone does not stand out when it comes down to the number of apps but the OS is as powerful as any major mobile OS out there today. Simple and intuitive. So if you are planning to get a new smartphone and cash is not your best friend in the moment, the Nokia Lumia 610 is your new best friend.


-800MHz processor
-256MB of RAM
-8GB of internal storage
-3.7″ WVGA display
-1,300mAh battery
-5MP shooter with assisted LED flash
-Available in 4 different colors (as in the picture above)

*You might want to look out for other good budget smartphones like the HTC One V, Samsung Galaxy W, Sony Xperia U or Apple iPhone 3GS.


Digi’s Nokia Lumia 800 pre-order page is up online

Digi already put up the Nokia Lumia 800 pre-order page on it’s website prior to the launch this Friday. The subsidized price of the device starts from as cheap as RM1099 with DG Smartplan 68. For DG Smartplan 48, the device will be priced at RM1299. With the RRP of Nokia Lumia 800 at RM1650, the device is subsidized up to RM551 and RM351 for DG Smartplan 68 and DG Smartplan 48 respectively.

The Nokia Lumia 800 comes with these impresive specs:

  • Curved 3.7″ ClearBlack AMOLED touch screen display with Gorilla® glass
  • 8-Megapixel Camera
  • A-GPS Nokia Drive
  • WP 7.5 Mango OS
  • 1.4 GHz Qualcomm processor

Click here for the Digi Lumia page.

Is the price good enough for you?

If there is any questions, just drop in on the comment section!

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Windows Phone Marketplace for Malaysia…Finally!

Windows Phone users in Malaysia can only download free apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace but not the paid apps until now when Microsoft announces these in the Windows Phone Blog:

“Good news—the Windows Phone Marketplace for apps and games is opening for business today in five new spots—Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines.

If you live in one of these countries, tapping on the Marketplace tile will soon (it might a few hours for all the lights to come on) put loads of great apps and games at your fingertips. One important caveat: Your phone will need to have Windows Phone 7.5 installed to access the new stores. (Look here for update instructions.)”

So the Windows Phone Marketplace is now official in Malaysia and four other countries as listed above. It is fully activated now and running good. Plus, app developers from Malaysia can now submit their app for Windows Phone.

With the number of apps increasing drastically in the Windows Phone Marketplace recently, we hope for the best for the platform.

All the WP7 users, tell us what is your say in this?



Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer keynote [CES 2012]

If you missed the keynote updates of Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer in the CES 2012,  don’t worry, Engadget have you all covered. Click here too read a recap on everything about the long awaited Steve’s (Ballmer not Jobs) keynote during the CES 2012. The keynote has many interesting stuffs like the Lumia 900, Mango with the groups and voice recognition features (failed by the way) and making a reservation with WP devices and a demo on Windows 8 and Xbox Kinect, all this with Ryan Seacrest as your host.

Just click here to read the full updates.

Nokia Lumia 900 lands on CES 2012 [CES 2012]

No actual date of availability and no pricing yet but we know that the Nokia Lumia 900 is here. Just being announced by Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 900 is the latest smartphone of the Lumia series which will be a successor for its predecessor, the Lumia 800.

This device looks great with a unibody polycarbonate build which makes the devices looks and feel very expensive and classy. No huge differences between the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 800 but the Lumia 900 gets a larger 4.3-inch ClearBlack display and packs other awesome stuffs such as:

  • 1.4GHz single-core CPU (same as Lumia 800)
  • 4.3-inch ClearBlack display (3.7-inch for Lumia 800)
  • 512MB of RAM (same as Lumia 800)
  • 8MP Carl Zeiss f/2.2 camera with LED flash (720p HD video capture) (same as Lumia 800)
  • 1.3MP front-facing camera that uses f/2.4 (none for Lumia 800)
  • Windows Phone 7.5 a.k.a Mango
  • 1,840mAh battery (fatty)
  • unibody polycarbonate build
  • LTE support

Nokia and Microsoft says that the Lumia 900 will likely be the first “must have” Windows Phone for many consumers.
If you are not a fan of iOS or Android, give this device a go! But sadly most of the specs are not an upgrade from the Lumia 800.

For more info, click here.



Microsoft paying out $200M to promote Windows Phone

In a recent report from, Microsoft is paying out $200 million to stores to recommend or promote Windows Phones to buyers.

This is very sad because Windows Phone 7 OS is one of the best mobile operating system out there. In my opinion, WP7 is a mobile OS with a fresh ideas and interface is very innovative. Even better than the Android in many sense. It is a very bold move from Microsoft to make a entirely fresh mobile OS instead of trying to copy what was already done (if you get what I mean). But all this does not pay off so well and Microsoft have to start paying sellers to recommend WP7 devices to improve its sales.

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