Grammy Award for Steve Jobs

10 years after Apple won the Technical Grammy for its contribution in the music industry, Grammy has decided to recognize the impact of iPod and iTunes on the music industry and name the former CEO and Apple founder Steve Jobs for the “outstanding contributions to the industry in a non-performing capacity” Grammy award.

No one can deny how Apple change the music industry and how the industry was revived back in the down times of music (Click here if you do not know). But it is sad to have the award given only after Steve’s death. But mostly it is always the case.

Wonder who will be collecting the award on Steve’s place.



Malaysian iPhone 4S Plans Comparison: Which is the Cheapest?


Tomorrow is the big day for all the iPhone lovers in Malaysia. Its the official launch of iPhone 4S in Malaysia by all the 3 telcos in Malaysia namely Maxis, Digi and Celcom. The plans are out from the telcos few days ago and we did a very simple and detailed table of comparison of all the plans available from Maxis, Digi and Celcom.

The table includes all the information needed about the plans and also the total ownership cost you will need to pay if you sign up for the particular plan.

Have a look at the table below: (click on image for a larger view)

Considering the total cost of ownership, we can see that Digi have the cheapest plans compared to Maxis and Celcom. But it is all down to personal preferance to decide with plan is best for you. And of course, these is solely based on the plans and the cost of the plans. Please do take the network, services etc into consideration before deciding which plan is the best for you!

One more thing is that Maxis is still selling the iPhone 4 in a very lucrative price where we do not see any plans regarding the iPhone 4 from Digi or Celcom.

The iPhone 4 plans from Maxis looks like this!

Do consider buying the iPhone 4 if you are tight on budget! The iPhone 4 is still an awesome phone!

Are you one of the proud soon to be iPhone 4S owner?
Which telco will you get your iPhone 4S from?

Google releases 2011 Zeitgeist list for Malaysia: Malaysian top searches in 2011

Recently, Google releases its annual Zeitgeist list for Malaysia. This list is a summary of what Malaysian searches throughout the year 2011.

We can see that tech is very important to Malaysians where iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, iPad2 and Android are among the top 10 fastest rising searches. That is a big 4/10. We can also see that Malaysians are more interested in iPhone 5 than all Samsung Galaxy phones combined. That is just what we thought.

Many will find it unpleasing to see Justin Bieber is in the top 10 fastest rising people. Anyone of us can be a better suited candidate for that place. And it is devastating to see that Justin Bieberis the the top search for image searches. What is wrong with Malaysians?? (Sorry for all the Justin Bieber fans out there, he is great, but not this great!) Even Domo Kun lost to him? That is just impossible! 😉

The Japanese crisis and the king of pop’s funeral are also a huge interest of Malaysians. Malaysians also seem to be unclear of what is bersih, g6, lmao, jailbrake and even things like iPad and Androids. Seriously?

Check out the full list:

Fastest rising searches

  1. Facebook
  2. Angry Birds
  3. Maharaja Lawak
  4. iPhone 5
  5. Samsung Galaxy
  6. iPad2
  7. Jawatan kosong
  8. Android
  9. Tonton
  10. Aishiteru

Fastest rising people

  1. Bruno Mars
  2. Hana Tajima
  3. Cikgu Shida
  4. Avril Lavigne
  5. Anwar Ibrahim
  6. Fatin Liyana
  7. Justin Bieber
  8. Rihanna
  9. Ustaz Kazim
  10. Hanis Zalikha

Top news stories

  1. ipad 2
  2. Malaysian grand prix
  3. Kennedy space center
  4. Kentucky derby
  5. Japan nuclear crisis
  6. MTV movie awards
  7. Michael Jackson funeral
  8. Malaysian open
  9. Thailand flood
  10. Malaysia budget 2012

Top image searches 

  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Background designs
  3. Fixie bike
  4. Domo Kun
  5. Monster energy
  6. Supra shoes
  7. Jules Verne
  8. Smiley face
  9. Kartun muslimah
  10. Chelsea Olivia

Top ‘what is…’ searches 

  1. what is bersih
  2. what is g6
  3. what is ppvrip
  4. what is ipad
  5. what are words
  6. what is jailbreak
  7. what is android
  8. what is lmao
  9. what is hacking
  10. what is information

Top TV shows

  1. ANTM
  2. x factor usa
  3. american idol 2011
  4. amazing race 18
  5. tvb drama 2011
  6. nagamma serial
  7. supernatural
  8. bones season 7
  9. Al Jazeera
  10. My Princess

Top international travel destinations

  1. Kowloon/Hong Kong
  2. Su Mei Island, Thailand
  3. Phuket Island
  4. Bangkok
  5. Maldives
  6. Disneyland Hong Kong
  7. Taipei
  8. Paris Disneyland
  9. New York
  10. Caribbean

Top blogs

  1. Blog Serius
  2. Beautifunara
  3. Papagomo
  4. Jejariruncing
  5. Honeykoyuki
  6. Oh Bulan
  7. Kari ngeri
  8. Malaymoviesfull
  9. My Resipi
  10. IniBelogSaya
  11. Little Geeko *
* terms and conditions apply.



iPhone 4S Malaysia launch on 16th December 2011 CONFIRMED!

The unconfirmed info previously posted was now confirmed! Apple iPhone 4S official Malaysia launch is set to be on the 16th of December 2011. Joy to all the iPhone fans waiting anxiously for the arrival of iPhone 4S!

You can now register your interest in Maxis’s website by clicking here!

We are still waiting for the interest registration from Digi and also Celcom which will be very soon!

We have no idea if the iPhone 4S will be available contract free from the online Apple store or not. But it seems very likely for Apple store to be selling iPhone 4S outright. Maybe not on the 16th of December but will be sometime after the official launch.

We will keep you posted for any updates regarding the iPhone 4S news. For now, quickly head to Maxis website to register your interest!

With 3 telco selling the iPhone 4S at launch, we expect a competitive bundled plan for iPhone 4S. We also expect the price to be a little lower than the launching price for iPhone 4 more than a year ago! And for those who are tight on budget, the iPhone 4 price will get a huge drop on contract. Lets wait and see!

If there is any questions, just drop it in the comments below! Are you as excited as we are?

October 4th 2011 – The day iPhone 5 announced?

Sources says that Apple will be announcing the mighty iPhone 5 or whatever they will call it very very soon. Its October 4th to be precise.

Just cant wait to see how the iPhone 5 will really look like and what major leap Apple will take again as usual.

You can read more on this here!

4th of October!! *fingers crossed* Secretly I hope that it will look something like the picture above!

Picture above via [Link]