Maxis and Digi both trying to sell their iPhone 4s

Everyone knows that the iPhone 5 will be coming soon…real soon!unless something went wrong somewhere which I also doubt it will delay the iPhone 5. Except maybe if Steve Jobs is dead or something. Touch wood, I hope Steve will live as long as possible. Cant imagine Apple without Steve.

So back to the topic, while the iPhone 5 is coming soon, Telcos wants to sell out the iPhone 4s by making better deals for us. Some people who plans to wait for the iPhone 5 can actually be tempted by these deals by telcos on iPhone 4.

Digi comes out with deal where iDigi subscribers got to buy another iPhone 4 without contract. Here is the Facebook post. Go have a look!

In another hand, Maxis take a different approach where they offer a cheaper iValue plan called the iValue Lite. It is just RM70 a month compared to the cheapest iValue plan of RM100 before this. But in my opinion, looking at the data, calls and sms bundled in the iValue Lite plan, it is not so worth it. You be the judge! Click here for more info!


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