iPad Event Wrap-up: the Resolutionary New iPad

So the new iPad is revealed on the iPad event few hours ago and it is called the NEW iPad. No iPad 3 nor iPad HD but just the NEW iPad. This is certainly a unusual naming of an iDevice and we thinks it sounds kinda weird because we really have no idea on what Apple will be naming the next coming iPad. Maybe they can name the next coming iPad as the NEW NEW iPad and the one after that the ALL NEW iPad and so on? We really have no idea how Apple is going to pull this of and we think this is a move to start over after Stve Jobs’s death. Well, however Apple name their iDevices, people will like it. That’s for sure.

So what does the New iPad got? Check out all the new features below:

1. A5x Processor
The New iPad packed with the A5x processor which Apple claims to be 4 times faster than the awesome Tegra 3. No benchmarking provided so we cant be sure of this. But the A5x only have 2 cores compared to the Tegra 3’s 4 cores but Apple always proved to us that the specs on paper does not necessarily determine how it performs when software comes into account. But the A5x have quad core graphic processors for extreme gaming and image rendering.

2. Retina Display
As we all expected, the New iPad have a retina display. And we think it is awesome. It has a 9.7-inch Retina Display that packs a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixel accounting 264ppi. That is higher resolution compared to all the recently announced HD android tablets. The screen does look stunning.

3. iSight Camera
We have a improved camera in the New iPad with a 5MP back camera which is called the iSight camera. It has the same awesome setting of the camera in the iPhone 4S and we assume it will take great photos as well. And with such display, photos will look amazing viewed on the New iPad. Front facing camera remain the same.

4. 1080p video recording
Nothing surprising here, the New iPad can shoot 1080p video.

5. Voice Dictation
Similar to Siri, the New iPad have a feature called Voice Dictation which works very similarly to Siri. And people will love it as much as Siri or maybe not.

“Of course, we have our great software keyboard. We have a new key on the bottom — just tap it, speak into your iPad, and it’ll dictate what you have to say,” says Phil Schiller.

Apple wont be shipping Siri on a device which wont have persistent internet connection.

6. 4G LTE
Looks like everyone was right: the iPad 3 will indeed have LTE for speeds up to 72Mbps, along with HSPDA 3G for speeds up to 42MBps. Everywhere else will fall back on 3G. But here in Malaysia, this does not really mean anything. =D

Battery life remains the same for the New iPad but it has become slightly thicker and heavier. About 0.6mm thicker. You wont feel the difference as the cases for iPad 2 is still compatible for the New iPad. It will also come with 1GB of RAM, same dock and the home button is certainly there if you are wondering. So not all the rumors and prediction on the New iPad was correct.

Pricing for the New iPad will be the same as the iPad 2 but the iPad 2 priced will be reduced by $100. And that pricing start today with the iPad 2 price starting at RM1199 for the 16GB Wifi version. Check out the price here!

Other things that was announced on the iPad event was the new Apple TV, new iPhoto for iPad, new awesome Infinity Blade and many more. So for now, we should be expecting the “NEW” iPhone coming out very soon. Mostly September or July if we are lucky!

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Siri is nothing special, Microsoft had it for over a year. Let’s see. [Video]

Few days ago, Microsoft’s chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie says that Siri is nothing special when asked about Siri by Forbes’ Eric Savitz. He says that Microsoft had it for over a year in their Windows Phone 7 devices.

“People are infatuated with Apple announcing it. It’s good marketing, but at least as the technological capability you could argue that Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows Phones for more than a year, since Windows Phone 7 was introduced.”

Recently, techAU did a test between Microsoftt’s Tellme and Apple’s Siri. The video pretty much says it all.

Here is the video from techAU comparing the two!


Here is the video of  Craig Mundie with Forbes’ Eric Savitz that prompted the video above:

So what do you guys think??

Poor Siri [Video]

Since Apple announces Siri, the intelligent personal assistant, videos on things you can ask Siri went viral. And there are also plenty of funny Siri videos made for fun mocking Siri and so on. These type of videos are so many out in the wild that I started ignoring them when I came across one, until this video!

The first time I saw this video on a blog, I ignored it like I always do, and it started to went viral and appeared in lots of webpages and I decided to give it a chance and watch it. I am glad i did. This video is the funniest and most awesome Siri video made! And we think you should watch this!

This video is created by collegehumor.com but we don’t know why we can’t find this on their youtube channel.

Here is the video:

If you got any better Siri video u watched before, please share on the comments below. Now, stop laughing already!

Things Siri can say.

To those who watched the Siri demo on the iPhone event, you know that Siri is a very good mobile digital personal assistant which is very “human”. Apple also says that Siri can learn, adapt and become better overtime.

Some say that Siri is just another voice recognition application which is available long time ago and it is nothing new. But as far as I know, there are no voice recognition software which is as “human” as Siri, and to be frank, Siri is pretty smart. See it for yourself from all these questions thrown at Siri and how Siri answers these questions.

Kinda impressive isn’t it? Click here for more!

Update: There is also a awesome video on Siri. Check it out!

Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event keynote video is up on apple.com

If you miss the action yesterday, or don’t feel satisfied with only liveblog updates, you can head to apple.com for the full keynote video of the event! I personally think the siri demo is one of the best demo in years. Watch it for yourself.

Click on the link to catch the action!
Happy watching!