Things Siri can say.

To those who watched the Siri demo on the iPhone event, you know that Siri is a very good mobile digital personal assistant which is very “human”. Apple also says that Siri can learn, adapt and become better overtime.

Some say that Siri is just another voice recognition application which is available long time ago and it is nothing new. But as far as I know, there are no voice recognition software which is as “human” as Siri, and to be frank, Siri is pretty smart. See it for yourself from all these questions thrown at Siri and how Siri answers these questions.

Kinda impressive isn’t it? Click here for more!

Update: There is also a awesome video on Siri. Check it out!


iPhone 4S review out!

We should be expecting a lot of iPhone 4S review coming like waves of tsunami in the coming weeks as the iPhone 4S is delivered! But this video of iPhone 4S review is one of the first review of the new Apple iPhone 4S.

You probably would want to wait a few more days to get better reviews but if you just cant wait to know more about the iPhone 4S…this is the video for you!

Enjoy it!

You would probably love this video from also. This is the video…

AnandTech’s iPhone 4S performance benchmark. 800MHz A5 fast enough?

The iPhone 4S joins the processor trend by having a dual-core A5 processor but unlike the other smartphones which have dual-core processors clocked from 1GHz up to 1.2GHz, Apple’s iPhone 4S A5 processor is only clocked at 800MHz. Most people out there will be so disappointed with such a speed especially from Apple.

AnandTech did a benchmark test to test how fast is the iPhone 4S really is. With Apple claiming the iPhone 4S is 2 times faster and gives 7 times faster graphics, we hope this test does not prove otherwise.

Take a look at the results:

iPhone 4S have a lower clocked A5 processor compared to the iPad 2. Mostly due to power management.

BrowserMarks shows iPhone 4S score to be nearly twice the score of Samsung Galaxy SII

From all the results shown, the 800MHz A5 processor does not disappoint at all. It is indeed very impressive, scoring better compared to other smartphones with faster processors.

What do you guys think of this?

Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event keynote video is up on

If you miss the action yesterday, or don’t feel satisfied with only liveblog updates, you can head to for the full keynote video of the event! I personally think the siri demo is one of the best demo in years. Watch it for yourself.

Click on the link to catch the action!
Happy watching!

Its the iPhone4S….no iPhone5…yet…

People out there!!! The iPhone event by Apple just announced an iPhone4S! It looks exactly like the iPhone4. Its really disappointing for all the people who waited for the iPhone 5 all these while. Abit disappointing for me also when the announcement is an iPhone4S….but the disappointment slowly fade off as the spec and features of the iPhone4S was announced! Its really impressive i would say.

Siri Assistant answering a question.

It has most of the predicted rumors such as world phone, 8MP camera, A5 processor but the best feature of the iPhone4S is the Siri Assistant feature. Its really impressive. Check out this liveblog of the event to know more about this great feature!

I am so expecting a “one more thing” to be the iPhone5 but I am left disappointed! But I am kinda happy with the iPhone4S but i also think the 5 will be announced very soon. Maybe as early as the beginning of next year!

So what you guys think? will you get the iPhone4S?