New pricing for Maxis Mobile Internet Packages

Maxis comes out with a new pricing for Maxis Mobile Internet Packages with a reduced price. Here is how the pricing looks like now:

The prices for the monthly passes are alot cheaper than previous with 500MB pass for RM68 a month and 3GB pass for RM98 a month. That is a RM30 saving a month which gives you a saving total of RM360 a year. This price reduction is certainly a good news for Maxis customers out there.

That is not all, now the subsequent usage for all Monthly Passes will be charged at RM0.30/MB.

But apparently this plan does not apply to the prepaid users (Hotlink) which the old rates still apply. Maybe this will be apply to the prepaid users very soon but as for now, the Hotlink website still shows the old rates and dialing *100# on a prepaid number still shows the old rates for mobile internet packages.


Stay tune for any updates on this. Feel free to notify us on the comment section or email us if you have any updates regarding this.

Click here for more info!


Hotlink prepaid Monthly BIS Bonus plan is BACK!

I don’t know what is going on in Hotlink/Maxis but surely something is going on in there! 2 weeks ago, the Monthly BIS Bonus plan is gone from the *100# menu and people are all so sad!!!! Lots of complains have been made i guess and guess what?, the Monthly BIS Bonus plan from Hotlink is back! With the same RM20 a month pricing! This is awesome!!!!

My BIS Bonus from Hotlink just got deactivated even though I have enough credit for renewal, so I assume that the Monthly BIS Bonus is gone! So I just tried going to *100# menu too check and the option for Monthly BIS Bonus is BACK! Just subscribed to it.

Good Job Hotlink. At least you listen to what your customers want!

Rm20 Monthly BIS Bonus from Hotlink is gone?

I know many of you guys are very interested in the Rm20/month BIS Bonus plan from hotlink because to be frank, it is one of the best and cheapest BIS plan available in Malaysia. But sadly, I just realize that the plan is no longer available for purchase. If you go to *100#, you can no longer see the monthly BIS Bonus plan available for selection. Only the Rm7/week or weekly BIS Bonus is available now which will add up to a sum of Rm28/month.

But there is some new BIS package available for you now; BIS Lite and BIS Social. From the name, we can tell what does these two package does. BIS Lite gives BBM, Messengers and Emails. On the other hand, BIS Social gives BBM, Messengers and Social networks. So you have to choose to have Emails or Social networks. This sucks! coz the BIS Bonus have everything except for browser internet browsing. Check this out for more info.

Anyhow, new customers of monthly BIS Bonus cannot get it anymore but I wonder what will happen to the existing monthly BIS Bonus plan subscribers? I pray they will still have it renewed every month! *finger crossed*

Stay tuned for anymore updates on BIS Bonus plan from Hotlink!

Update: Monthly BIS Bonus from Hotlink is back! Due to popular demand i guess! Click here for more info!

Yes! Hotlink BIS Bonus can Whatsapp!

There are a lot of people wondering if the Hotlink BIS Bonus plan can be used for Whatsapp. I am a loyal BIS Bonus plan subscriber, and I find no problem using Whatsapp at all! I can use Whatsapp without any extra charges from the first month i subscribe to BIS Bonus plan. I can even use Foursquare at the beginning but sadly not anymore. I got charged for using Foursquare now.

But there is no problem with using Whatsapp. So people, go subscribe to the Hotlink BIS Bonus plan! Kinda worth it! For more info, click here.

Hotlink BIS BONUS continues!

From my previous post on Hotlink’s BIS Bonus plan for RM20 a month is very worth it but the promotion is said to end on 31st January 2011. I notice that the statement “promotion valid until 31st January 2011” is removed from Hotlink website.

I am currently subscribed to the BIS Bonus plan and it still works fine. I think as long as you have sufficient credit for the subscription renewal, you BIS Bonus plan will continue as long as you want it to! Cheers!!! I am very happy with the plan and I hope the plan will never be discontinued! *praying hard*

And another thing i observed in the BIS Bonus page is that the service does not include Whatsapp. This is ridiculous because Whatsapp is one of the best social messaging apps available today which works cross platform! Anyway, I am still using Whatsapp with my BIS Bonus plan and there are no deduction of credit or whatsoever. So I think it is ok to use it. But i DO NOT hold any responsibility for credit deduction if it happens to you! 😉

Hotlink BIS Bonus Plan for only RM20 a month!

Until 31st January 2011, Hotlink is having a promotion for it’s Blackberry BIS plan. The usual price for BIS plan a month by Hotlink is RM98 which I personally think it is very expensive.

But fear no more! They are having it for only RM20 a month for a limited time only. Maybe it is to promote Blackberry and to compete the increasingly competitive market for Blackberry!

We have 4 telcos in Malaysia which are competing in the Blackberry market with U Mobile joining in this month therefore this move will give Hotlink a good advantage specially to the prepaid users.

Anyway, the RM20 BIS bonus plan will only allow you to enjoy e-mails, social networking and also instant messaging. That’s one hell of a deal! Click here to find out more!

So existing Hotlink user, quickly dial *100# to subscribe! And the non-hotlink users, go get yourself a Hotlink Sim Pack! (Get a Blackberry first if you do not have one)