Rm20 Monthly BIS Bonus from Hotlink is gone?

I know many of you guys are very interested in the Rm20/month BIS Bonus plan from hotlink because to be frank, it is one of the best and cheapest BIS plan available in Malaysia. But sadly, I just realize that the plan is no longer available for purchase. If you go to *100#, you can no longer see the monthly BIS Bonus plan available for selection. Only the Rm7/week or weekly BIS Bonus is available now which will add up to a sum of Rm28/month.

But there is some new BIS package available for you now; BIS Lite and BIS Social. From the name, we can tell what does these two package does. BIS Lite gives BBM, Messengers and Emails. On the other hand, BIS Social gives BBM, Messengers and Social networks. So you have to choose to have Emails or Social networks. This sucks! coz the BIS Bonus have everything except for browser internet browsing. Check this out for more info.

Anyhow, new customers of monthly BIS Bonus cannot get it anymore but I wonder what will happen to the existing monthly BIS Bonus plan subscribers? I pray they will still have it renewed every month! *finger crossed*

Stay tuned for anymore updates on BIS Bonus plan from Hotlink!

Update: Monthly BIS Bonus from Hotlink is back! Due to popular demand i guess! Click here for more info!


9 thoughts on “Rm20 Monthly BIS Bonus from Hotlink is gone?

  1. Calling all Maxis Hotlink Customers who has been subscribing Blackberry Internet Service (BIS); who is not happy upon the recent plan change by Maxis with their new BIS Social & BIS Lite. Please click on this link below for further details.


    P.S : We hope to build the number of disappointing customers as we would take this action further; it’s time to Change! Malaysian Telecommunication Company should realise the important of Internet Services in our daily life in Malaysia in all level of society whether for leisure or business. It’s time to change the way Consumer Act! The voice of customer is IMPORTANT! Please inform others about the existence of this page and please invite your friends and family!

  2. It’s actually still Available! On the 11th Options! Thank you 🙂

  3. hello, imma new bb user. just subscribed to bis social monthly. paid RM30 for the service but lately my credit have been “disappearing” at a very very fast pace. RM65 in bout 2 weeks or less. i suspect its the data they are charging me for but if yes, why do they still offer a bis plan? any idea how the additional chgs come abt?

    • did you go surfing the internet using ur mobile browser? Because the RM30 bis social plan is only for social networking and instant messaging. For other things, a normal data rate will be charged. Why not subscribe to the monthly BIS Bonus plan instead? I think it is better in everyway! Try it. Or u can call Maxis to demand for an explaination.

  4. i cant renew my bis BONUS n cant renew bis anymore y

  5. Maxis customer care people are suck. They hire mostly stupid people who don’t know how to do their work. I have called several times and I ran out of my credit for that. Still, I am having the same old problem.

    What a pity for Maxis to have such pathetic team on their company.

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