Apple Online Store Chinese New Year 1-day offer: 6th January 2012

Happy New Year to everyone!!! Everyone is just starting to take off the year 2012, with the Chinese New Year just around the corner. And Apple is making 2012 more interesting with a 1-day Chinese New Year offer on the 6th of January.

If you are going to buy any Apple products, just hang on for a few days and get them on a slashed price. No news on how much cheaper Apple will be pricing its products this year but the following last year’s offer, Apple slashed up to RM141 on iPods, RM131 on iPads  and additional RM331 discounts on its MacBooks and iMacs. Check this year’s offer this 6th January to find out this year’s offer. If you are lucky, we might also see price slashed on the new iPhone 4S! That’s a little bit too impossible.

See you all on the 6th, here! Anything in mind?


Hotlink BIS BONUS continues!

From my previous post on Hotlink’s BIS Bonus plan for RM20 a month is very worth it but the promotion is said to end on 31st January 2011. I notice that the statement “promotion valid until 31st January 2011” is removed from Hotlink website.

I am currently subscribed to the BIS Bonus plan and it still works fine. I think as long as you have sufficient credit for the subscription renewal, you BIS Bonus plan will continue as long as you want it to! Cheers!!! I am very happy with the plan and I hope the plan will never be discontinued! *praying hard*

And another thing i observed in the BIS Bonus page is that the service does not include Whatsapp. This is ridiculous because Whatsapp is one of the best social messaging apps available today which works cross platform! Anyway, I am still using Whatsapp with my BIS Bonus plan and there are no deduction of credit or whatsoever. So I think it is ok to use it. But i DO NOT hold any responsibility for credit deduction if it happens to you! 😉