Hotlink BIS BONUS continues!

From my previous post on Hotlink’s BIS Bonus plan for RM20 a month is very worth it but the promotion is said to end on 31st January 2011. I notice that the statement “promotion valid until 31st January 2011” is removed from Hotlink website.

I am currently subscribed to the BIS Bonus plan and it still works fine. I think as long as you have sufficient credit for the subscription renewal, you BIS Bonus plan will continue as long as you want it to! Cheers!!! I am very happy with the plan and I hope the plan will never be discontinued! *praying hard*

And another thing i observed in the BIS Bonus page is that the service does not include Whatsapp. This is ridiculous because Whatsapp is one of the best social messaging apps available today which works cross platform! Anyway, I am still using Whatsapp with my BIS Bonus plan and there are no deduction of credit or whatsoever. So I think it is ok to use it. But i DO NOT hold any responsibility for credit deduction if it happens to you! šŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Hotlink BIS BONUS continues!

  1. Hi there, does this package include browsing service? If yes how much mb is it, per day or per month? Also, u said whatsapp is not included, it is also include the use of socialscope, 4square, liveprofile? Because currently I’m subscribed for the digi monthly plan which cost rm60 but it gives full service, 200mb browsing per day, whatsapp can be used, socialscope can but not 4square. Please reply me asap… Thanks a lot, sharing is loving, cheerss !!

    • Sorry for the late reply!
      I am currently subscribed to the BIS bonus plan. For me so far so good. Even its stated that whatsapp not included but i still using it without being charged. Same goes for foursquare and d rest. I am not sure about socialscope and liveprofile though. but I think it should not be a problem. 100mb for rm20 is well worth it for me!
      about browsing, its not suppose to be included but i also browse and not charged.

      the down side is some times i will be charged 10cents once in awhile for reason i dont know…i called and ask but people in maxis cant give me an answer also!sad case…hope i answered all your questions…=] thanks for reading!

  2. i’m subscribed BIS bonus plan a few days ago for 100mb for rm20..its still work…i wondering why its still working…i thought its end 31st january 2011…anyway…i enjoy using it.

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