Hotlink prepaid Monthly BIS Bonus plan is BACK!

I don’t know what is going on in Hotlink/Maxis but surely something is going on in there! 2 weeks ago, the Monthly BIS Bonus plan is gone from the *100# menu and people are all so sad!!!! Lots of complains have been made i guess and guess what?, the Monthly BIS Bonus plan from Hotlink is back! With the same RM20 a month pricing! This is awesome!!!!

My BIS Bonus from Hotlink just got deactivated even though I have enough credit for renewal, so I assume that the Monthly BIS Bonus is gone! So I just tried going to *100# menu too check and the option for Monthly BIS Bonus is BACK! Just subscribed to it.

Good Job Hotlink. At least you listen to what your customers want!


30 thoughts on “Hotlink prepaid Monthly BIS Bonus plan is BACK!

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  2. the bis covers all or just social only?

    • Dear Azam,

      The BIS Bonus plan from Hotlinks covers everything except for internet browsing. Means you have social apps (facebook, twitter, etc), Messengers (BBM, Whatapps, Yahoo Messenger, Live messenger, Gchat, etc) and also emails. Just no browsing the internet using the web browser.

      • Halo, may i ask why would ppl want to subscribe to bis social when there is a cheaper and more benefits package? any udang disebalik batu? cos previously i kena charged kao kao when using bis social..

      • Erm, for me, the only drawback of BIS Bonus is that the data is capped at 100MB. And usually you cannot exceed the 100MB of usage with normal daily usage. Other than that, I dont see any drawbacks already. I personally thinks that the BIS Bonus is way better than BIS Social. Cheers

  3. Is it only for the previous subscribers? Because i just bought maxis number yesterday and tried to register for Bis bonus plan from hotlinks but there’s no option for BIS bonus plan 20. -_____- Or do they stop it already?

    • Dear Anesia,

      I think it is still available. You are using prepaid right? Because the BIS Bonus plan is only available for prepaid users.

      You just dial *100# then go to “Internet and Settings”, then ” Blackberry internet service”, then go to option number 11 for the Monthly BIS Bonus for RM20.

      I tried and it is still there, please try and tel me if you can manage to find it and subscribe to it. Thanks!

      • ah ya, it’s still there. I didnt proceed to number 11 that’s why couldnt find it, my bad. Anyway, do you know how to check whether our usage has been exceeded 100mb or not?

    • No problem and you are very welcome.
      About checking the data usage, you can always an application called Network Traffic Control from the Blackberry App World. It can help you keep track of your data usage and it is FREE.

  4. BIS Bonus plan is only 100mb per month? won’t it be very inconvenient cause it’s limited as most of the people use whatsapp and BBM for chatting instead of sms-ing each other.

    • Yes, only 100mb. But so far, 100mb seem to be enough for normal usage. I am currently using BIS Bonus Monthly plan now and never exceeded the 100mb before. I am a active whatsapp and BBM user. I think it should be enough. Because Blackberry Servers will compressed the email recieved etc for lesser usage of data.

      • so BIS Bonus covered whatsapp as well? the website said no :/
        used to subscribe the daily BIS rm2.50 , but it’s so so so expensive.
        can BIS Bonus use Skype?

    • I am using whatsapp and Maxis is not charging me for data. So I think whatsapp is supported. About skype, i am not sure about this, let me check out and get back to you. Yes, the daily BIS is so expensive and not worth it!

  5. 100mb for both bbm and twitter usage.. and sometimes whatsapp.. do you think its enough?

    • It should be enough. I use Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp and email and 100MB is enough for me. My monthly data usage is just around 70-80MB. Maybe you should study your data usage for few months before subscribing to this plan.

  6. Hi there! this is my 2nd day using BIS Bonus 20. its quite cheap and worth it. previously i’m using BIS Social package RM 30. Can’t use 4square n whatsapp.. but now i’m quite happy with bis bonus. I just download the apps Network traffic control after read your advise. Quite confius to read the traffic usage. Appreciate if you could explain more to me please…

    • Dear lizz,

      Thanks for reading this blog! Yeah, the BIS Bonus 20 is very worth it and good. About the Network traffic control app, just see the Total Radio Traffic to keep track of how much data you have used. Try to keep it under 100MB as the BIS Bonus 20 only gives you 100MB data. Sorry for the late reply! Happy Chinese New year! Please like our facebook page on the right panel of the page! =] have a good day!

  7. herm im quite confused, does the new BIS Bonus support whatsapp in the 100MB? or will charge different?

  8. can u use foursquare with this ?

  9. i read all the comment and i think most of my question are covered by everyone…thanks 4 answering their question.. 🙂


  10. anyone help me my bis BONUS cant renew ang cant deActive…

    • I just check on my phone and i think its look fine..have you dial *100# ??what did it say??normally u cant renew the BIS until the previous one is expired..

    • Sorry for the late reply…. we will check what is the problem and get back to you if we have the answer… other users dont experience this though…try calling customer service from Hotlink official page…

  11. bis line cam hampehh…duit da tolak tp still tk ley using bis plan….!!!

  12. does bis bonus covered whatsapp for now? coz i get charged everytime i use it..

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