Hotlink BIS Bonus Plan for only RM20 a month!

Until 31st January 2011, Hotlink is having a promotion for it’s Blackberry BIS plan. The usual price for BIS plan a month by Hotlink is RM98 which I personally think it is very expensive.

But fear no more! They are having it for only RM20 a month for a limited time only. Maybe it is to promote Blackberry and to compete the increasingly competitive market for Blackberry!

We have 4 telcos in Malaysia which are competing in the Blackberry market with U Mobile joining in this month therefore this move will give Hotlink a good advantage specially to the prepaid users.

Anyway, the RM20 BIS bonus plan will only allow you to enjoy e-mails, social networking and also instant messaging. That’s one hell of a deal! Click here to find out more!

So existing Hotlink user, quickly dial *100# to subscribe! And the non-hotlink users, go get yourself a Hotlink Sim Pack! (Get a Blackberry first if you do not have one)


2 thoughts on “Hotlink BIS Bonus Plan for only RM20 a month!

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  2. dear readers, the BIS Bonus plan is still available now although Hotlink mention that the promotion will be until 31st January 2011. They always lie…but this type of lies is a good lie!hahaha…

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