Free iPhone 4S 32GB with 24 months contract on iValue 4 from Maxis

Maxis is offering the iPhone 4S 32GB(RRP: RM2590) for free if you sign up for the iValue 4 plans for 2 years (previously priced RM350). They are extending the promotion until 29th February 2012 for folks to enjoy this offer throughout the Chinese New Year celebration.

If you are planning to get the 32GB version of iPhone 4S, now you can save additional RM350 but you will be tied to a 2 year contract of RM375 monthly bundled with 2500 minutes of talktime, 7GB of data, 800 SMSs and 80 MMSs. If you are a heavy user, I think this is worth it. But if you are a regular user, RM375 a month is a huge amount to pay!

Still not sure which iPhone 4S plans suits you best? Click here for the plans comparison from Maxis, Digi and Celcom.

Check out Maxis iPhone 4S page for more information!


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