Celcom finally reveals it’s unconventional plan for iPhone 5, starting from RM98/Month [Updated]


Celcom has revealed the plan for iPhone 5 to those who registered their interest on iPhone 5 with Celcom. So I who registered myself got an email from Celcom with the plan like above. Celcom is doing it the unconventional way without any tailored made iPhone plans like they do previously and like how Digi and Maxis still does. But instead, they offer iPhone 5 with a subsidized price when you sign 12 months and 24 months contract of the bundled Celcom First Plan + Mobile internet.

The plan is like the image above, please click on the image for a larger clearer look.

So basically, you can choose between 4 choices of plans which includes:

Celcom First Prime (RM40) + 1.05GB free data + Mobile internet 3GB (RM58) = RM98/month
Celcom First Prime (RM40) + 1.05GB free data + Mobile Internet 5GB (RM88) = RM128/month
Celcom First Premier (RM80) + 1.1GB free data + Mobile Internet 5GB (RM88) = RM168/month
Celcom First Elite (RM150) + 1.2GB free data + Mobile Internet 5GB (RM88) = RM238/month

These plans from Celcom does look good and feel different from those conventional iPhone plans. The bundled talk time, SMS and MMS varies depending on which Celcom First plan you take. And they offers monthly rebates also that also varies depending on your iPhone 5 model.

For more information, Click here.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks.

Cant make up your mind on which plan and which telco to go for? Stay tuned for the plan comparison! Coming soon!

See plans from Digi here and Maxis here!

UPDATE: Celcom plans are out in their website. Click here!


The All New iPod Touch along with iPhone 5


Because of the hype on the iPhone 5, there are really no one talking about the possible iPod touch. Most people assume that the iPod touch will be gone for good this year or soon because it is not refreshed last year. And people just assume that the iPad mini which is said to be announced in October 2012, will replace iPod touch. But we think the iPod touch will still be around for at least the next few years.

With that, we found a very interesting new iPod touch concept design by Guilherme. It looks classy and very close to the expected iPhone 5 design with a larger 4 inches display and thinner body. Guilherme also have a concept design for the iPod classic but we are very skeptical about that design.

Anyway, we think that the iPod touch will be refreshed and announced alongside the iPhone 5 this coming event. Stay tuned.