iPad mini available in Switch outlets starting today, no sign on iPad mini on Apple Malaysia online store! UPDATE: applies to Machines, SenQ and Senheng


Switch has just updated their Facebook status and announcing that they will be selling the iPad mini and iPad with Retina Display (not sure if it’s the 3rd or the 4th gen) today! Rejoice! If u are keen on getting an iPad mini, go to a switch outlet and get one for yourself. It also stated that the stocks are limited. I am not sure where did they get the stocks but apparently Apple Malaysia online store still does not have iPad mini available yet. But the problem is, there are no pricing for the iPad mini available anywhere. So I assume Switch is doing this to get people to go to the outlets and find it out themselves. Just hope it is not expensive. And I really hope the iPad with Retina Display is the 4th gen iPad! A6X baby!!

Here is how the Facebook status reads:

“Hello beautiful! iPad Mini and iPad with Retina Display, available in all Switch outlets. Stocks are limited for iPad Mini. Only Wi-Fi models available for iPad Mini and iPad with Retina Display. First come first serve basis :D”

Heading over to get one? Please do. Hope the stocks dont run out!

* Update: Apparently another Apple authorized reseller, Machines will also be selling iPad mini and iPad 4 starting tomorrow. Same goes to SenQ and Senheng. Have fun guys! Christmas is coming!



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