iPad Mini to cost RM1009 in Malaysia? [Rumor]

There is an insider information from a reliable source that says the new iPad mini will cost RM1009 in Malaysia. It is reported that the pricing is now in the system of retailers and shops that will be selling it. Compared to the price in Singapore which is SGD449 (around RM1120), the Malaysian price is alot cheaper. But it is normal that the price in Malaysia is cheaper because all Apple products in Malaysia are comparatively cheaper than in Singapore.

But if the iPad mini were to be priced at RM1009, it will be cheaper than the currently available iPod touch which cost RM1049 for the 32GB unit (iPod touch does not come in 16GB anymore). So the question is, will Apple be dropping the price of iPod touch in Malaysia after the iPad mini becomes available?

Regarding the availablity of iPad mini, it will be expected to come together with iPhone 5 and iPad 4th Gen. And the best guess we can give after so many rumors going around is that they will all be available before Christmas. Thats for sure! So wait up!


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