The Cheaper iPad 2 Gets Better Battery Life [Report]

Since the launch of the New iPad (3rd Generation), Apple reduces the price of iPad 2 and making the 16GB version of iPad 2 the only version available now. The good news is not only the price reduction of the iPad 2 to a mere starting price of RM1199, but some variant of these models boast an improved battery life. These variant of iPad 2 are modified internally to get a more advanced 32-nanometer version of the dual-core A5 processor instead of a 45-nanometer chip in the previous iPad 2, according to Anandtech.

Anandtech performs some test on the new variant of iPad 2 and the results shows noticeable improvement on battery life.

(Credit: Anandtech)
(Credit: Anandtech)

“The iPad 2,4’s gains in battery life…are significant. We measured a 15% increase in our web browsing battery life, a nearly 30% increase in gaming battery life and an 18% increase in video playback battery life” compared to the iPad 2 with the older A5 chip, according to Anandtech.

Finding one of these iPad 2,4 variants is not easy, however. “If you’re in the market for an iPad 2, the 2,4 is clearly the one to get – if you can find one that is,” wrote Anand Shimpi.

So if you want to get an iPad 2 with improved battery life, you have to make sure the iPad 2 you got is the iPad 2,4. It is not easy for sure. The only way to know for sure is to open up the box. The iPad 2 variant may have iOS 5.1 preloaded. The older iPad 2 models — which Apple still has in inventory and continues to sell — may have 5.0.1 or older, Shimpi said.

But the most accurate way to find out is by using a utility like Geekbench that will indicate whether it’s the iPad 2,4, Shimpi said.

But we think most of the iPad 2 found is Malaysia is still the old variant. But you will never know. So check or ask first before buying one.

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