Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia getting the Samsung Galaxy SIII in June 2012

With all the hype over the weekend about the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, people all around was asking about the availability of the Samsung’s new toy in Malaysia and other countries in South East Asia. We just cant wait to get our hands on the new Galaxy. Many people are very anticipated and waited for the new Samsung device as their phone upgrade. The European countries will be getting it on the 29th May 2012 followed by few other countries after.

Just recently, Lee Jui Sang, Samsung Electronics director of regional mobile business for Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Taiwan, said he’s confident that Samsung Galaxy S3 will make its way to Malaysia in early June. So we shall expect the Galaxy SIII to land on Malaysia on the first week of June 2012. That was faster than we expected because devices will usually take around at least a month to reach the Malaysian market. Seems like the popularity of Samsung devices in Malaysia is kinda good for Samsung to bring it over so soon after it’s launch.

For Singapore and Indonesia, the device is expected to be available on the month June also but no confirmation whether it will be early, mid or late June. But knowing it is June is good enough for us. One month wait is not that long although it might be very long for some hardcore fan.

So if you think that the wait for Galaxy SIII will be too long, well think again! =)



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