New iPad now available in Malaysia from RM1499

Its the 20th of April 2012. What day is it again? The day the new iPad lands in Malaysia.
As promised by Apple, the new iPad is available now in Apple online store Malaysia once the clock strikes 12A.M. The pricing of the new iPad is as expected with the cheapest iPad (16GB Wifi only) you can get priced at RM1499.

The others are priced as follows:

Wifi only:
16GB – RM1499
32GB – RM1799
64GB – RM 2099

16GB – RM1899
32GB – RM2199
64GB – RM2499

You won’t actually get 4G connection in Malaysia but you will have internet speed up to 42Mbps with the new iPad.
If you think that the new high resolution Retina Display, quad core graphic processor and a bump up camera is unnecessary, the iPad 2 is very much affordable now priced at RM1199 for the Wifi version and RM1599 for the 16GB Wifi+3G version. The other models of iPad 2 other than that was discontinued. So if you want to get an iPad 2, 16GB is the most space you can get.

For more information about the new iPad or you just cant wait to pre order your new iPad now, click here.

Click here for the comparison of the new iPad and the iPad 2.


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