iPad 3 or iPad HD?

In a few hours before the next iPad will be announced, there are still debates among all the tech geeks out there on whether the next iPad will be called the iPad 3 (as we all assume it would be) or will it be called the iPad HD to indicate or stress on the Retina Display which is going to be the main things this time around (hopefully not).

There are few reports saying that the next iPad will be called the iPad HD and the have their point.


Apple’s next-generation iPad will be called the iPad HD, not the iPad 3, a reliable source tells VentureBeat. Additionally, we’re hearing that Apple is now buying 7.1-inch screen components in preparation for a smaller iPad release later this year.


A developer who’s previously provided reliable information with respect to things Apple and otherwise tells us the next iPad uses the HD moniker instead of going with “iPad 3.”

In fact, an informal survey was done and most people preferred the name iPad HD than iPad 3. Well I think maybe HD sounds cooler.

Anyway, we cannot be sure until Apple officially announce the next iPad and who knows it will even be called the iPad RD (for Retina Display) or iPad 2S (like how they do it for iPhones). What you guys think? Will the next iPad be iPad HD, iPad 3 or anything else you have in mind. Share it with us on the comment section below!

And did you guys noticed that the poster of the iPad event this year does have a retina display logo? That is kinda cool!

Stay tuned for more news on the iPad event later!

* For those who want to see the smaller screen iPad, Venturebeat does mentioned that smaller iPad will be released later this year. =D


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