Motorola’s First Intel-powered Phone [Rumor]

This is a rumor on the Motorola’s first ICS powered device and what makes this more interesting is that the device will also be Motorola’s first Intel-powered device running the new Medfeild platform processors replacing the OMAP processors usually used in their smartphones. As far as now, there are only one Intel-powered device in my knowledge which is the Lenovo K800. Which makes this Motorola device the second ever device to have Medfield.

This new device looks a lot like the Motorola Droid Razr but it is said to be a button-free device. And will also have a new version of MotoBlur UI which are sleeker and crispier that previously is. The camera of this device will be the major selling point sharing the same idea with few Nokia smartphones and also the iPhone 4S.

We expect it to have its debut on the MWC but maybe not. We will see.

Thanks to Mr. Ching for the notification.



One thought on “Motorola’s First Intel-powered Phone [Rumor]

  1. iPhone 5G is great pure perfection. Just got new case. Wonderful information!

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