Celcom and Maxis offering Nokia Lumia 800 and 710

Celcom and Maxis join Digi to offer the new Lumias from Nokia. The pricing of the devices is out with contract.

[Click image for larger image]

Celcom is offering only the Lumia 800 with no sight on Lumia 710. With only the Lumia 800 offered, the pricing starts from as low as RM988 with Celcom exec 250 plan for a 18-months contract. Click here for Celcom Lumia Page for more info.

[Click image for larger image]

In the other hand, Maxis is offering both the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 with price starting from as low as RM1099 and RM499 respectively with the 3GB data plan under Maxis for 24-months. But for limited time only, Maxis is offering Lumia 800 for RM799 if you sign up for the 6GB plan for 24-months. Click here for Maxis Lumia Page for more info.

I can’t help it but to say the Lumia 800 does look amazing. Can’t wait for user’s feedbacks! Just drop us comments on how you think the Lumia is!

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