A 7-inch iPad to launch alongside iPad 3? [Rumors]

Ok, we all know that the iPad 3 is definitely coming to us on the iPad event this year which will be very soon. It should be on the 1st week of March 2012. And we cant wait to see a brand new iPad 3, hoping it will have a better, new form factor, and we cant wait to see the Retina Display on an iPad either. The iPad 3 is without doubt going to be another great consumer product like how the previous iPads do.

But recently, there has been rumors going around saying that alongside the iPad 3, another smaller version of iPad with 7-inch screen will also be introduced to the mass market. Although Steve Jobs is really against the idea of a 7-inch tablet and he thinks that a 7-inch tablet can never make it in the tablet market, we really think that Apple will introduce a smaller iPad this time. They might call it the iPad Mini or iPad Nano or iTab or iPod Venti or whatever they may call it but a 7-inch tablet introduction will certainly be a smart move by Apple with competitions like Amazon Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Note in the market and doing well today.

The posibility of us having a 7-inch iPad is also very high because a smaller iPad can actually help Apple in their focus on education and how every students will own a smaller and cheaper iPad and having all their textbooks in it. We are hoping to see this come true and if it really does, it will surely be a hit. What makes you think that people won’t buy a cheaper iPad which is more portable when EVERYONE is buying the expansive iPad 2 available today?

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