Windows Phone Marketplace for Malaysia…Finally!

Windows Phone users in Malaysia can only download free apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace but not the paid apps until now when Microsoft announces these in the Windows Phone Blog:

“Good news—the Windows Phone Marketplace for apps and games is opening for business today in five new spots—Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines.

If you live in one of these countries, tapping on the Marketplace tile will soon (it might a few hours for all the lights to come on) put loads of great apps and games at your fingertips. One important caveat: Your phone will need to have Windows Phone 7.5 installed to access the new stores. (Look here for update instructions.)”

So the Windows Phone Marketplace is now official in Malaysia and four other countries as listed above. It is fully activated now and running good. Plus, app developers from Malaysia can now submit their app for Windows Phone.

With the number of apps increasing drastically in the Windows Phone Marketplace recently, we hope for the best for the platform.

All the WP7 users, tell us what is your say in this?




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