Apple forces Retina Display apps. Goodbye to iPhone3GS?

Apple sent out an interesting message to third-party developers today. iOS devs are now required to submit Retina display screenshots for their iPhone and iPod touch apps to the App Store. All updates to existing apps must also meet the 960×640 resolution requirement.

Not only does this new policy signal the death of 480×320 resolution apps, but it also indicates that the iPhone 3GS may not be around much longer. With Steve Job’s view on fragmentations, we see this happening very much earlier. Even before the iPhone 4S is launched.


Apple Forces iPhone Apps To Go Retina Display, iPhone 3GS On The Way Out?


After nearly 3 years, Apple could finally be ready to put the 3GS to bed. We think it is really time. In 2012, all iPhones available will be in Retina Display. The iPhone4 will be demoted to the position taken by iPhone3GS now, iPhone4S will be replacing the iPhone4 and the iPhone5 (or iPhone6) will be the new Apple premium smartphone.

So we shall say goodbye to our once beloved iPhone 3GS. When will we see the iPhone 5??



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