Self-Healing iPhone cases by Nissan

There is this new Scratch Shield paint developed by Nissan which can repair small scratches on a surface in a few hours. It is made from  from polyrotaxane, the chemical structure of the paint enables it to react to small chips and fill in the gaps. It’s currently used on the Nissan Murano, 370Z, and X-Trail.

But the auto manufacturer has found a much larger market for its smart paint in iPhones. It is made of ABS plastic coated with the Scratch Shield paint. Apart of being self-healing, the paint is more scratch resistant and also provides better grip!

So now we can have shiny new iPhone case which can self-heal when it get scratched when you drop it! Sounds very interesting. You will have a brand new shiny case without the worry of it getting scratches. If everything goes well, the iPhone case from Nissan will be on sale later this year but no pricing details available yet for this time being.

Click here for more info!




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