ASUS Malaysia: Transformer Prime before CNY mostly at RM2199

The long awaited ASUS Transformer Prime will finally be here before the Chinese New Year Week. That means it will be here next week!

It is safe to say that it will be priced at RM2199 although there is no official announcement from ASUS Malaysia, but there are sources which priced the ASUS Transformer Prime at RM2199 and there are also pre-ordering already available a month ago from a few places and websites (With Keyboard Dock). Maybe you can get it cheaper without the Keyboard Dock.

And it is quite certain that we will be getting the Transformer Prime which is earlier announced and not the recently unveiled Transformer Prime in CES 2012 which comes with HD screen (1080p display with a 1920×1200 pixel SuperIPS+ screen) and improved front facing camera.

If you want a brand new toy to show off to your relatives this coming Chinese New Year, the ASUS Transformer Prime will blow them off!



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