Rugged Motorola DEFY MINI and Stylish budget Motorola MOTOLUXE [CES 2012]

In the CES 2012, Motorola features the Motorola DEFY MINI which is a rugged water-proof and dust-proof smartphone and Motorola MOTOLUXE which is a stylish budget Android smartphone.

Starting with the DEFY MINI, it is packed with its ability to withstand harsh conditions and it is water-proof, dust-proof and comes with Corning Gorilla Glass which also makes it scratch proof. The DEFY MINI is advertised as a beginners entry into smartphones. It has a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, 3MP camera with flash, front facing VGA camera and a very heavy 1650mAh battery which gives you no problem using it over a full day.

The Motorola MOTOLUXE in the other hand is a stylish smartphone which falls into the low-mid level smartphone which also means it is a budget phone from Motorola. But despite it being a budget phone, the MOTOLUXE comes with great features like a 4-inch edge to edge touchscreen display, Android Gingerbread with MotoSwitch UI, 8MP autofocus camera with flash, VGA front facing camera, 800Mhz processor and a 1400mAh battery.

We are not sure these devices will be available in Malaysia or not but we hope they will. Pricing is still unavailable for the moment.

Click here for more info on DEFY MINI and MOTOLUXE



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