Sony SmartWatch: Simply a smarter watch [CES 2012]

Sony does not only unveiled all the Xperias on the CES 2012. There is another device/gadget alot smaller than any Xperias which is the Sony SmartWatch just unveiled by Sony. At the first glance, the SmartWatch looks like a iPod Nano mockup which takes the role of a watch also. But the SmartWatch has much more in its sleeve. The watch is clipable and detachable from the watch strap which comes in several color options. It also have the capabilities to connect to your Android phone via Bluetooth and act as a notifier, music player as well as answering calls and check on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It has a capacitive touchscreen and goes well with any Sony phone running Android 2.1 and above.

Will you need one of these? or will you want one of these?

The SmartWatch will be prices around $149 which is around RM450. Not too expensive. What do yo think? Maybe if your a using a hideous Sony phone and you are shy to show it off to people, the Smart Watch is a great buy!



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