Lenovo’s K800: first Intel Medfield smartphone, Motorola will be second [CES 2012]

Intel promises us a smartphone of its own early this year and here we have it. The Lenovo K800 is Intel’s first Medfield smartphone to hit the market and China will be first to get it. During Intel’s keynote in CES 2012, they reveal that the K800 will be the first Intel-powered smartphone with Android 4.0. The device packs a 4.5-inch 720p display and will be shipping in Q2 this year. And the device look kinda nice and classy but the UI does not really look so good.

With that, Motorola and Intel also formed a partnership and announced it in CES 2012 that they will be in a multi-year, multi-device agressment which will see the Medfield powering the coming Motorola smartphones only after the Lenovo K800.

With this, we shall see how many phone manufacturers will be taking up the Intel chip and dropping Qualcomm and NVIDIA.

What do you think?




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