Windows Phone Marketplace 50,000 app-submission milestone reached

The Windows Phone Marketplace reaches the 50,000 apps mark very soon after it hits the 40,000 mark. Just more than a month ago (17th Nov, 2011), Windows Phone Marketplace hits the 40,000 mark and in a very short amount of time, All About Windows Phone reported that it hits the 50,ooo milestone. This milestone was reached sooner than it is expected with an incredible average of 265 submission per day for the recent months as below:

This figure is just negligible to all the Androids and iOS fans out there but with this kind of rate, WP7 is on the right track. But it is still a long track to catch up with Apple Appstore and Android Market having around 500,000 and 300,000 apps respectively. But bear in mind that the Android Market takes 19 months to reach the 50,000 mark which Windows Phone Marketplace only take 14 months to reach (iOS takes only 12 months to reach that mark). Check the chart below:

The Windows Phone Marketplace also have a fair share of paid and unpaid applications with 58% free apps. More apps will be coming to the WP7 platform and expect it to close up the gap with the two app store giant very quickly and leaving behind the Blackberry App World.

Will the Windows Phone Marketplace stand a chance in taking over Android Market or Apple App Store?



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