Switch 99: Chance to get a MacBook for RM99!

The Switch 99 is back but this time will be a little bit special. Firstly, it is not happening on the Switch World event. Secondly, it is just a one day event. Thirdly, only 50 people can participate instead of the normal 99 people. Lastly, a MacBook White will be the grand prize!

It will be happening in Gurney Plaza, Penang on the 17th of December 2011 from 10am. Ofcourse you can start queuing way earlier before 10am. The event will be located on Switch Gurney Plaza.

Here are the detail on the event:

– We will begin collecting payment at 10.15am. Queue barriers will be put up at the new entrance before 10am.

– Customers will then draw the item that they will be getting for RM99

– 3 Mystery Draws will be given out and if any customers were to draw those 3 cards, they would be in the chance of owning either an Cygnett Eclipse Bluetooth Headset or a JBL On Time Micro or a MacBook White.

– Other items in the list are JBL Spyro, Sharp i Elegance, Logitech Audio Hub, Creative Sound Travel, iHome speakers, Switch Essential packs + cash vouchers which will be worth more than RM99.

– 3 Mystery Draws will be asked to stay back and the draw will be done at 12.15pm during the Grand Launch Party @ Switch Gurney Plaza.

– Switch99 tickets will be sold to only the 1st 50 pax in line and transaction is cash only.

Click here for more information regarding the event! Or head over to the Facebook page!



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