Celcom iPhone 4S packages out…finally!


The last out of the 3 telcos to reveal the iPhone 4s pricing and plans is the big blue, Celcom. The plans are very straight forward and simple.

The plans look like this:

12 months contract:


24 months contract:

The best part of the Celcom iPhone 4S plans are the free talk time onnet (on the same network) up to 6000 minutes. That is like free calls to all your Celcom family and friends. Celcom also have a cheaper i68 plans which get 50 minutes of talk time, 100 SMS, 10 MMS and 800MB of data. But iPhone 4S relies ready heavy on the data to make full use of it’s potential. So a mere 800MB does not seem to be enough. But personally, we think it should be sufficient for normal usage.

But overall, the plans for the iPhone 4S is much more expensive compared to the iPhone 4 plans in term of the iPhone pricing. Anyway, the plans are still good. Click here for more info.

We will be posting a comparison of the plans from the 3 telcos, so please stay tuned if you are still undecided on which telco to go to.

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