iPhone 4S plans from Maxis Revealed!

Many people is waiting for the iPhone 4S plans from Maxis and the plans are finally revealed. I do not see much difference between the iPhone 4S and the previous iPhone 4 plans.

The cheapest plan available from Maxis is the iValue 1 with monthly commitment of RM100 per month. The iPhone 4S price vary with the type of plans chosen and also the length of contract signed. It comes with bundled talktime of 333 minutes, 200 sms, 20 mms and 1GB of data. Usage of data exceeding 1GB will be charged accordingly instead of a speed throttle.

iPhone 4 is also available from Maxis with a renewed plan which cost only RM1050 with iValue 1 in 24months contract.

Here is the plan!

From these plans, we can see that Maxis is subsidizing the price of the iPhone 4S. The more expensive is the plan selected, the more you get subsidized for your iPhone 4S. In the other hand, Digi is subsidizing the monthly payment instead of the iPhone 4S price [click here]. For Digi plans, all iPhones will be subsidized RM200 but you will be paying a cheaper monthly payment compared to Maxis. So which type of plans do you prefer?

Head over here for more info on the Maxis iPhone 4S plans!

Once the iPhone 4S plans are out from the blue side (Celcom), we will compile and make a comparison on the iPhone 4S plans between the reds, yellows and blues!

Which telco will you buy your iPhone from? Or you will just get it from the Apple Online Store Malaysia?? Give us some feedback!


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