Pre-order your iPhone 4S from Maxis and Celcom

We know that Celcom is up to something on the 9th of December. Which turns out to be the pre-ordering of the iPhone 4S. Celcom now allows us to pre-order the iPhone 4S to reserve a unit for yourself and avoid the fuss during the actual launch day. The launch from Celcom will be on the 16th Dec as previously confirmed at 12AM. But you can actually start queuing as early as 9PM on the 15th Dec. We think most people will be there earlier than 9PM.

Click here for the Celcom iPhone 4S pre-order page.

Maxis does not fall short on the iPhone 4S run in Malaysia. They have also allow iPhone 4S booking which we think is way more organized than Celcom. You will get a confirmation ID upon booking and use the ID to collect your iPhone 4S on the actual launch date. Collection time will be divided into 3 days with few sessions as such:

  • 15th December – 9PM to 2AM
  • 16th December – 12AM to 3AM
  • 16th December – 10AM to 2PM
  • 16th December – 2PM to 6PM
  • 16th December – 6PM to 9PM
  • 17th December – 10AM to 2PM
  • 17th December – 2PM to 6PM
  • 17th December – 6PM to 9PM

Both Maxis and Celcom have not reveal the plans of the iPhone 4S but we expect the plans to be somewhat similar to the iPhone 4 plans during the launch. Or maybe a little bit cheaper.

Click here to book you iPhone 4S from Maxis.

Digi will be coming out with something soon too, so stay on with us for the latest updates!


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