iPhone 4S Malaysia launch on 16th December 2011 CONFIRMED!

The unconfirmed info previously posted was now confirmed! Apple iPhone 4S official Malaysia launch is set to be on the 16th of December 2011. Joy to all the iPhone fans waiting anxiously for the arrival of iPhone 4S!

You can now register your interest in Maxis’s website by clicking here!

We are still waiting for the interest registration from Digi and also Celcom which will be very soon!

We have no idea if the iPhone 4S will be available contract free from the online Apple store or not. But it seems very likely for Apple store to be selling iPhone 4S outright. Maybe not on the 16th of December but will be sometime after the official launch.

We will keep you posted for any updates regarding the iPhone 4S news. For now, quickly head to Maxis website to register your interest!

With 3 telco selling the iPhone 4S at launch, we expect a competitive bundled plan for iPhone 4S. We also expect the price to be a little lower than the launching price for iPhone 4 more than a year ago! And for those who are tight on budget, the iPhone 4 price will get a huge drop on contract. Lets wait and see!

If there is any questions, just drop it in the comments below! Are you as excited as we are?


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Malaysia launch on 16th December 2011 CONFIRMED!

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