Android vs iOS: Which OS is for you [Infographic]

Which OS is the best for me? We always ask that when we wanted to get an smartphone. Even after we get an Android phone, we will be asking “is the iOS better? does it suit me more?”. For us, both the OS are great! The 2 best mobile OS out there right now and it really boils down to individual preferences. If you still cannot make up your mind, perhaps this infographic can help you clear things up! This is a very interesting infographic showing the differences between an Android user and an iOS user. Maybe you will know which OS suits you best by relating yourself with the infographic.

Here is the awesome infographic!

Our fav on this infographic is 57% Android users more likely to prefer an ugly device that’s full-featured and 122% of iOS users more likely to prefer a sleek device that does a few things. LOL

So what are you? Android or iOS?

* Do not choose your mobile OS entirely based on this infographic!




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