Samsung confirms Galaxy S2 to get Ice Cream Sandwich


Samsung UK recently confirms that the famous Samsung flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich update but no there is no confirmed date yet. With Samsung UK confirming the news, we can be sure that the Android Ice Cream Sandwich updates will be available for Galaxy S2 worldwide including Malaysia. Our prediction will be around early 2012 because Samsung will have to tweak the version with its own look and feel and the TouchWiz user interface.

Samsung Galaxy S2 is currently running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). And the Ice Cream Sandwich is very highly anticipated by all the Android users out there!

We will keep you posted on the exact date the Ice Cream Sandwich will be available for Galaxy S2. Stay tuned.

The Ice Cream Sandwich source code is already out in the wild for people who cannot wait for the official Samsung’s version of the update.

Here is the Ice Cream Sandwich introduction video:



6 thoughts on “Samsung confirms Galaxy S2 to get Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. When will it be available through the update on our phone?

    I have the S2 so do expect it to be compatible, but when will it be released to all users so they can upgrade?

    Anyone know?

    • Ice cream sandwich will be available on S2 very very soon…we will post any recent news on the upgrade availability!stay tuned to littlegeeko for the latest news! Thanks! S2 is definitely compatible, so dont worry!

  2. When the ICS will be available for SGS2 in Malaysia?

  3. its been 4 and a half month now, still no ICS update for S2 in Malaysia

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