Poor Siri [Video]

Since Apple announces Siri, the intelligent personal assistant, videos on things you can ask Siri went viral. And there are also plenty of funny Siri videos made for fun mocking Siri and so on. These type of videos are so many out in the wild that I started ignoring them when I came across one, until this video!

The first time I saw this video on a blog, I ignored it like I always do, and it started to went viral and appeared in lots of webpages and I decided to give it a chance and watch it. I am glad i did. This video is the funniest and most awesome Siri video made! And we think you should watch this!

This video is created by collegehumor.com but we don’t know why we can’t find this on their youtube channel.

Here is the video:

If you got any better Siri video u watched before, please share on the comments below. Now, stop laughing already!


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