Polaris Office: a good mobile productivity app


There is an app pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy Note which is worth mentioning here. The Polaris Office App. This app is also pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy SII but the usability on the SII is not as good as on the Note. With Galaxy Note’s huge screen, the Polaris Office does shine and makes productivity a fun thing or rather a not so difficult thing to do on a mobile phone.

As far as I know, the Polaris office is not available for downloads from the Android market, it is only available in some smartphones with it pre-installed. It is a very good productivity app which can be used to create and edit documents such as word documents, spreadsheets and power point.

As you can see from the screen shots above, the Polaris Office app does have a very nice simple icon on you application menu and you can use it to create Document, Sheet and Slide both in the 97-2003 format and also the 2007 format. It supports all Microsoft Office file formats, PDFs, images (.jpeg, .gif etc) and webpages (.html).

The reason why the Polaris Office app is better in the Note is because of the S-Pen/stylus that the Note has. With the S-Pen and the very accurate handwritting recognition, the application makes writing a document or a spreadsheet fun. Just use the S-Pen and write on the writing pane on the bottom as if you are writing on a piece of paper. And believe me, it is a joy doing it mainly because it recognizes even the ugliest handwriting like mine.

Ugly handwriting but the application recognizes it very accurately

Fun writing a document file!

Creating a power point!

If stylus is not your cup of tea and u prefer other input methods, you can always change the input method to the virtual keyboard which is also very easy to type on with the huge Galaxy Note screen. And you can also choose the swype option as your input method which is also a very good alternative. So if next time you have to create a spreadsheet, document or slides on the go, it will be a joy to do so. Head over to the nearest store to try the Polaris Office app on a Note and tell me how do you think of it?


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