iPhone: No.1 in Business, passing the Mighty Blackberries

Blackberry or RIM is the king of the enterprise market and the business market. There are once where every enterprise worker and businessman out on the streets are using a Blackberry. Blackberry symbolized elegance and professionalism. It still does possess those qualities but a survey from iPass shows that the king of business market is now, the iPhones.

From the graph, of all enterprise workers carrying a smartphone, 45% owns a iPhone where 32.2% owns a Blackberry. This shows that Blackberry no longer dominates the market. Android devices are also very close 3rd in the market with 21.3%. And with Apple deciding on focusing more on enterprise market recently, this percentage might just go up in the coming years.

Blackberry users out there, did you move to iPhone? If you did not, do you plan to? Or you think Blackberry is still the best in Business?


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