Its the iPhone4S….no iPhone5…yet…

People out there!!! The iPhone event by Apple just announced an iPhone4S! It looks exactly like the iPhone4. Its really disappointing for all the people who waited for the iPhone 5 all these while. Abit disappointing for me also when the announcement is an iPhone4S….but the disappointment slowly fade off as the spec and features of the iPhone4S was announced! Its really impressive i would say.

Siri Assistant answering a question.

It has most of the predicted rumors such as world phone, 8MP camera, A5 processor but the best feature of the iPhone4S is the Siri Assistant feature. Its really impressive. Check out this liveblog of the event to know more about this great feature!

I am so expecting a “one more thing” to be the iPhone5 but I am left disappointed! But I am kinda happy with the iPhone4S but i also think the 5 will be announced very soon. Maybe as early as the beginning of next year!

So what you guys think? will you get the iPhone4S?


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