China flooded with teardrop shaped iPhone covers! [with Video]

All of a sudden, China is now flooded with the iPhone 5 covers which have the teardrop design. A report by M.I.C Gadget says “an iPhone 5 prototype had gone missing from the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen Futian district. This should explain why we are seeing a whole lot of iPhone 5 cases in China today”.

With the iPhone announcement confirmed by Apple, it is very normal to see so many iPhone case makers making covers for the upcoming iPhone.

Here is a short video on these case! They look awesome!

So the iPhone will have a different design which is much larger but alot thinner. Or all of this might just mean nothing when the iPhone is announced nextweek.

Leave a comment on what you think, will the next iPhone look a lot different from the current iPhone 4? I just hope iPhone will produce another revolutionary phone in the increasingly competitive smartphone market!


3 thoughts on “China flooded with teardrop shaped iPhone covers! [with Video]

  1. Certainly possible, unless they’re designing the cases for the knock off IPhone 5’s. Also oddly we use the same theme

  2. Feeling big surround for iPhone. I love the surround. It’s wholly past passion. If you be known with more in sort linking to.iPhone Covers

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