Apple confirms iPhone announcement on October 4th event!!

Finally!!!! All Apple iPhone fans waiting so patiently for the next generation iPhone have a confirmation that it will be announce on the 4th October event by Apple.

Apple started to send invites for the October 4th event at their very own Cupertino, California campus, starting at 10am. And it says “Let’s talk iPhone” !!! YES!! its finally confirmed!

As you can see from the invites, there are four iOS icons which shows the time of the event, location of the event and also the date of the event. But there is also a phone icon with “one” notification. This could probably hint that there will be only one iPhone announced on the event instead of the rumored 2 iPhones (iPhone 4S and iPhone 5) being announced together.

It does not matter which iPhone will be announced, I am very excited and cant wait for it!

Some rumors says that the next generation iPhone wont be announce this year, or some even says that the next iPhone will only be available on 2013. We can now safely put all those rumors aside!!!

One more thing, the iPhone will be available very very soon after the announcement. My bet is on 10 days after the announcement. But for it to come to country like Malaysia, maybe will take longest is a month! Praying hard!

Are you as excited as I am now?



2 thoughts on “Apple confirms iPhone announcement on October 4th event!!

  1. i am just curious the “1 missed call” notification what does it represents.. lolz

    • Did you read the post? LOL…i dont know what does it mean, but it could mean “one” iPhone is coming out instead of the predicted two iPhones announced. There are also many other speculations floating around…but dont worry, just a few more hours for us to find out what it means, Roy Lee. =)

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