Steve Jobs resigns but everything will stay the same!

Steve Jobs resignation is like the biggest, saddest news for all the Apple fans out there. Some can even worship him as their GOD!=.= (not me). But will it change anything? Of course Apple will not be as “Appleish” as before without Jobs. We can’t deny that. But lets give Tim Cook sometime. Maybe he is better than Steve Jobs and now is his chance to show the world.
I do not see much changes happening apart from fans being really sad. Really really sad. Here is why:

1. Everyone who waited for the iPhone5 and wanting to get it does not change their mind after Jobs’ resignation.

2. Apple is still the most valuable company topping Exxon Mobil. (It drops after Jobs resignation but climb back up passed Exxon in just 2 days)

3. Don’t worry, Jobs is always watching behind Cook’s shoulder to make sure everything run smooth.

4. A person like Steve Jobs does not resign if he does not think that the company can manage without him.

Hope the iPhone5 will still be iPhone5!


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