Switch World’s Switch99 – 10th, 11th, 12th June!

For those who are ignorant people out there, a Switch event called the Switch99 is happening in Gurney Plaza right now. It is an event for the annual Switch World event. The rules of this event is very simple:

1. Spend Rm99 to buy a coupon. (only 50 coupons available daily in first come first serve basis)
2. Coupon make you eligible for a lucky draw.
3. Win some great prizes…though some prizes sucks!
4. One person from the daily 50 will be selected for the grand draw. (slightly better prizes)
5. That’s all!

The best part of the event is that the worst prize u can get from the draw is a Rm99 cash voucher + Switch Goodie bag.

But the best prize for the draw is only an iPod Touch. Only ONE unit to be won daily. That’s kinda disappointing! T.T

This is the list of prizes to be won daily for the 3 days:
– iPod Touch 8Gb x1
– iPod Shuffle x5
– Heartbeats by Lady Gaga x1
– Moshi Moshi Pop Phone x5
– iWalk Battery 1500mAh x8
– Sennheiser MX400 + RM50 cash voucher x10
– Capdase Charger + RM50 cash voucher x10
– Switch Goodie Bag + RM99 cash voucher x10

Grand Draw prizes:
– iPod Touch 32Gb x1
– Heartbeats by Lady Gaga x1
– iPod Nano 5th generation (video camera) x1

Anyway, I would suggest people to go to this event and expose yourself to some awesome gadgets from Apple!

For more info, click here. See you there! Hope I am the lucky guy to walk away with an iPod Touch!!!

*picture via nickchan.net

This guy just won the iPod Touch! One lucky b*****d!!!~LOL

On Sunday, the last day of switch99, one lady get 2 iPod Touch with rm99…How did she did that you ask?
She get one from the normal draw and got selected randomly for the Grand draw and get another iPod Touch 32GB from the Grand draw!!!OMG!!!…

Click here and here for the photos! One lucky aunty!!!


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